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Good morning, fellow Social Democrats:

I want to reintroduce myself. Many of you may have met me online in some fashion, and organizationally, we may have crossed paths perhaps through the DSA, DSA NorthStar, and Social Democrats USA and met via e mail or on ZOOM events. A good friend of mine and I started a website at the beginning of 2021 with a corresponding Facebook page. I have met folks through this medium as well.

I wanted to explore with you the possibility of engaging other like-minded folks in Social Democracy discussion with the idea and hope that the project can go in a certain organized direction down the road. It is unknown what form that may take, it all depends on what we are capable of individually and whether there is any burning desire to do so.

I have already experienced my own odyssey with the academic clubs and “Social Democratic” organizations who do not show interest in wanting to expand their membership and influence. I therefore, wanted to know if there are others who have shared this experience and want to try something different. If you know of an already existing Club that is conscious and serious about promoting Social Democracy, please let me know and we can go join that effort.

For lack of a better name for our group, I would like to call it “Social Democratic Forum.” And that is what it will be for now, with no grandiose notions. Just interesting folks getting together monthly to share and discuss topics related to Social Democracy. We are not here to save the world, but I think we all acknowledge the events that have occurred over the past two calendar years; a pandemic, a right-wing American Revolution, and a terrible war in Europe. The fact that we are having to revisit Democracy, our health and war, would have been unthinkable two years ago, but here we are, what we all take for granted. Maybe Social Democracy still has its place in the world and still measures up. Having a monthly group can enlighten ourselves and others and give us hope. Are we our own movement, I would say “yes.”

If you would like to join in this effort, later this week I was going to put out ZOOM information for a meeting in late May or thereabouts to discuss the possibilities with those invited on this e mail.

Your feedback is desired and welcome, and a “no response” is feedback as well, although I do believe there will be feedback. Thank you!

In Solidarity,

Kevin McGuire

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